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An expert in neurodiversity and the gifted brain, Bonny ‘s how-to’s for individualized mental well-being practices and tools for success have helped her audience time and again.

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Meet Bonny

Why Bonny? An entrepreneur, with a skyrocketing career, Bonny was besieged by a depression so great that it threatened to destroy her career and her life.

While going to work in San Francisco skyscrapers and for Silicone Valley Fortune 1000 companies, she filtered through countless types of healing modalities to combat this silent destroyer called  High Functioning Depression.  

An expert in neurodiversity and the gifted brain, Bonny ‘s how-to’s for mental well-being practices have helped her audiences. Her grasp of business, coupled with her experience of finding ways to heal and thrive, gives her a unique perspective that can inform and transform your workforce.

Mental Health Reality in the Workplace:

  • Depression has been the leading cause of disability globally even pre-Covid. (W.H.O. 2013)
  • Burnet has been a workplace syndrome costing $125 billion per year pre-Covid. (W.H.O. 2019)
  • Nearly 7 in 10 employees indicated that the COVID-19 Pandemic is the most stressful time of their entire career. Concurrently, there are steep increases in new prescriptions of anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and anti-insomnia medications. (
  • 62% of employees lose at least 1 hour of productivity every day due to Covid related stress, with 32% losing 2 hours or more. (, 2020)


  • By late June 2020, 13 % of adults had started or increased alcohol consumption or drug use to help cope with Pandemic-related woes. 11% had seriously considered suicide — a number that reached 25% among those ages 18 to 24. (CDC)
  • 35% of employees overall feel that their employers could do to support  well-being.  47% of Gen Z & Millennials feel there’s more their employers can do. (Bank of America, Workplace Benefits Report, 2020)
  • Due to Covid, 3 in 5 employees are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety or both; 8 in 10 are experiencing symptoms of moderate to severe distress. (McKinsey & Company, April, 2020)
  • 93% of employees say supporting mental health will keep companies in business. But only 35% say their employer has increased workplace mental health support during Covid. (, 2020)

Opportunity For Leaders

Opportunities for Leaders to Make an Impact with Employees’ Mental Health:

  • 61% of companies conducted wellness programs since Covid. (PwC CEO Panel Survey)
  • 84.2% of organizations plan to either maintain or increase wellness investments in 2021. (Oct. 2020, Corporate Health & Wellness Association)
    -Every $1 invested into “treatment for common mental disorders” is estimated to return $4 in improved health and productivity. (Pre-Covid) ((W.H.O.)
  • Every $1 invested into “treatment for common mental disorders” will return $4 in improved health and productivity. (W.H.O.)
  • Next Normal Workplace must adopt: Agility/Flexibility, Autonomy & Individualized Approach (Oct. 2020, American Psychological Association) (echos findings)
  • New Normal Public Health practices like frequent & proper hand washing, wearing masks are here to stay and can help protect company bottom-line by reducing absenteeism from seasonal or common infectious diseases, e.g. flu, cold. This also helps employees mental health.

Compassion. Resilience. Empowerment.

Keynote Speaking Topics:

Permission to Thrive:

Leveraging Self Compassion to Build Resilient Teams.

Ask a Question, Prevent a Suicide:

Effective, Simple Ways You and Your Teams Can Save Lives Pre-Covid, one American died by suicide every 11 minutes. Each person who completes this training has the opportunity to save 130 lives every day.

Talent Retention:

3 Essential Steps to Help High Achievers Thrive within the New Normal.

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Bonny is a captivating and compelling speaker.

Her Infectious passion for life are palpable as she lights up the audiences. Experiencing Bonny speak gives you the opportunity to find the answers for your own work and health transformation and creating your own mastery and success.

Through her own trials and hardships, Bonny has found and developed a variety of ways to overcome many of life’s challenges. Having suffered from debilitating depression that left her under the covers for weeks and months, Bonny was desperate to find ways to come alive and be successful. Bonny wants to share her secrets of how she found keys to mastering how to be effective in life and at work despite having depression!